Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello, Universe!

Hello, Universe!

So let me tell you guys out there a few stuff about myself! My Name's Meghan (Meg for short!), I'm 18 years old and an incoming sophomore taking up BS Management Engineering at the Ateneo de Manila University here in the Philippines. I'm starting this blog to basically use it as an outlet for all my baking adventures from now on :)

Can I just say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything baked that tastes good and looks good. Of course, it's always a plus if it's made right from scratch! On weekends and on carefree school days, I could easily be found in our house's kitchen trying to whip up something new. Some of my favorites here on the internet would be the ever so famous Bakerella whose cake pops are just PURE GENIUS! Michelle of BrownEyedBaker whose pictures always make me gain weight just by staring at them, Joy of Joythebaker for her wonderful posts, Cassie of How to Eat A Cupcake for personally being one of the persons responsible for awakening the cupcake fanatic in me, Kim from LovinTheOven for her amazing cookie posts and The Food Librarian whose "I like big bundts" marathon captured my heart right from the beginning. I'm also a huge fan of Nigella, the Pioneer Woman and the ultimate domestic goddess, Martha Stewart herself. But hey! these are just to name a few of my favorites, I'll surely name drop a bajillion more in future posts ;)

But for now. This will have to do! Stay tune for moreeeee! Coming soon!

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